Three Ways Electro Rent’s Laboratory Excels!

December 27, 2016

If we’re being completely honest with you, we know that you have options when it comes to acquiring test and measurement equipment. While we feel we carry the largest stock, have the most knowledgeable staff, and are committed to quality, it’s really our lab that stands out to assist you with your needs the most. Here are three ways the laboratory at Electro Rent is in a class by itself.



While others can talk about how up to snuff their lab is, our lab does more than that. Not only are we completely compliant with the stringent ANSI Z540-3 and ISO 17025 standards, we’re accredited by them too.


Unmatched Capabilities.

Whether you have a test that features unique requirements, or you need repairs done on a piece of equipment, Electro Rent has the resources to help completely in-house. That means less downtime in the event of a technical issue


Followed to a “T”

No doubt about it, we follow all manufacturers’ recommended calibration and maintenance procedures, offering you peace of mind for your next order.


Find out how the Electro Rent lab can benefit you on your next project. Contact us with your latest testing requirements!

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Quality: Rent With Confidence
Quality: Rent With Confidence

Electro Rent maintains the world’s largest equipment inventory pool with world-class accredited calibration...

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