Signal Integrity

June 9, 2016

As data rates continue to rise, signal-integrity (SI) measurements are essential to ensuring the performance of today’s passive networks. To help you make better measurements, we’ve collected application notes from the leaders in vector network analysis: Anritsu, Keysight and Rohde & Schwarz. From SI measurements to fixture de-embedding and beyond, their tips and insights will help you open closed eyes and ensure better signal integrity in your passive network designs. 

Featured Product:


Anritsu Shockline Family
  • 2 or 4 port models

  • 50 kHz to 8.5/20/43.5 GHz (specified to 40 GHz)

  • 120 dB Dynamic Range at 40 GHz

  • Real time TDR measurements option with gating

  • Single-ended and Differential measurements

  • Compatibility with Eye-Pattern Simulation software

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R&S®RTO Family, the digital oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz


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