3 Tips to Minimize Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

May 18, 2016


Face it; cell phones are here to stay. No matter the size, brand, or design, there is one thing all cell phones have in common: the possible exposure to radiation. Well, one city in California feels you have “the right to know” about it.


The city of Berkley passed an ordinance last year that required cellular phone vendors to post warnings in-store that warns consumers about radiation levels from devices. The ordinance, ratified by the Berkley city council, is designed to encourage the public to separate themselves from their phones when not using them.


With awareness of cell phone radiation at an all-time high, what’s a concerned consumer to do? Here are some tips and tricks you can use if you wish to limit your exposure to cell phone radiation.


Store your cell phone in a container (bag, purse) AWAY from your body.

Cell phones are constantly giving off signals that communicate with nearby towers and networks. When not in use, it is a good idea to store that phone away from your pockets or on your person.


Use a headset or speakerphone.

Remember: Distance is everything.  When making your phone calls, use a headset that allows you some distance from your handset. Alternatively, you can try putting your call on speaker phone as well.


Stay informed.

There continues to be new research in regards to the effects cell phone radiation has on the body. Keep up to date with news that may point to new product innovations or radiation reduction techniques.


One of the ways cell phone companies are using technology to their advantage in learning more about radiation is by using professional-grade devices such as the ART-MAN system. Learn more about what makes it special by clicking HERE.

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