Tumors Found in Rats Exposed to Cell Phone Radiation, Study Finds

June 20, 2016

According to an article posted on Mashable, a recent study has determined a link between cell phone radiation and the development of tumors in male rats. The federally-funded study has yet to be published in its entirety, but has already offered some insight:

  1. The study was released by the National Toxicology Program
  2. Malignant gliomas and schwannomas were noted as two of the types of tumors associated with cell phone radiation.
  3. The development and the growth of these tumors were slight but are linked to increases in cell phone radiation exposure.  


These findings support the need for manufacturers to find a way to limit exposure to harmful cell phone radiation. Depending on the conclusions that a governing body such as the FCC might draw, it may require deeper investigations when performing SAR testing or reduce SAR limits. The latter will put the manufacturers in a position where they will have to develop new technologies to reduce transmitted power while keeping satisfactory signal quality.

Read the complete article here.

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