Big Things on the Horizon for Satellites in Hybrid Network Chain

September 14, 2016 Chris Vanwoerkom



The upgrades and roles of satellite communications in the network of the future are set to hit a new level, according to Microwave Journal.


Satellite communications have traditionally been a specialty or niche solution for military and remote location access.  Newer, faster communications protocols will broaden this usage.


If done correctly, HTS technology delivers major breakthroughs in performance, economics and access, and this will impact multiple sectors. These new satellites will have the throughput, quality, flexibility, security, adaptability and scalability needed to deliver broadband everywhere. They will be a significant enabler in changing the way MNOs approach their networks.


  The article does not dwell much on the latency issues inherent in geostationary satellite communications.  This will continue to be an issue where more interactive usage is desired. 



Satellite also continues to be an expensive technology compared to wired and fiber installations so they will continue to serve where wired or “last mile” connectivity is difficult.


Read the article in its entirety here.



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