Australian Researchers Find a New Way to Look at Wi-Fi

July 19, 2016

Wi-Fi may never be the same again.


Under a process that colloquially being calling “energy harvesting,”  researchers from Australian National University  are one step closer to developing  a way to power wireless sensors from ambient radio signals. The findings come with a hope that energy harvesting becomes a bonafide powering scheme for devices, especially in the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Traditionally a battery-powered energy scheme has been the norm, but having to replace these batteries made it an inconvenient long term solution, Gizmodo reports.


One of the key applications envisioned in the IoT is remote monitoring.  One of the impediments to remote sensors is battery life and replacement.  If it were possible to use existing wireless signals to keep these sensors charged, they could potentially operate indefinitely.  This could increase flexibility in sensor placement and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.


We’re excited to see how this research further develops. Read the full article here.

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