Signed. Sealed. Delivered: A Look into Electro Rent’s Shipping System!

June 8, 2016


Electro Rent’s inventory is huge. Period, full stop.


 With over 2600 instruments from over 200 manufactures and worth nearly 600 million dollars in value, the sheer number of instruments under Electro Rent’s watch is second to none. When a client calls in an order, each piece is pulled, prepped and sent off in a fashion that has to be both efficient and timely for both parties involved. To accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, Electro Rent has invested considerably into their distribution centers and network.


Phil Perito, Electro Rent’s distribution manager of the Van Nuys, CA logistics center is tasked with overseeing shipping and receiving operations.


“It’s our responsibility to make sure the customer gets what they want, when they want it and where they want it without delay,” Perito says.


Indeed, with clients big and small renting and purchasing equipment through Electro Rent, shipping without errors or delays becomes a challenge. Each instrument that is ordered by a client is pulled from Electro Rent’s expansive inventory and is quality checked for operational performance.


“We check every piece of equipment before it goes out,” Perito says. “If a piece of equipment has been on our shelves for longer than ninety days, it receives a complimentary function check from our onsite lab.”


The onsite lab is one of the more useful features of Electro Rent’s logistics plan. If an instrument requires more extensive servicing, the repairs can be handled in house, saving considerable time.


Once inspected, equipment is grouped by its order number and is prepped for shipment. A member of the distribution staff is tasked with ensuring every item is packed securely and with care. Most instruments are packed like a “sandwich,” with two high density foam pillows wedged on top and underneath the instrument before being placed in a box. The reason for this is twofold: One, it allows the instrument to arrive to the client with minimal wear. Secondly, (in the case of rentals) the packing materials are sturdy enough for the clients to use to ship the instrument back to Electro Rent when ready.


From there, the package is free and clear to be shipped worldwide, federal laws permitting.


“That’s one of two things we do that customers may not be aware of,” Perito adds. “One is that we can ship your order internationally.”


The other? Electro Rent also offers local pick up for clients that are located near the national distribution centers. This is a valuable tip for those projects that need a piece of equipment as soon as possible. Perito and his staff at the Electro Rent distribution center find their own unique way to apply the company-wide commitment to “giving clients options.” Says Perito:


“We work hard at having a professional staff. We handle the equipment properly, we package it properly. We're a conscientious group that understands and realize that the customer is our business. We want to keep them happy so therefore we try to do things the right way.”



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