What Microsoft’s Wind Energy Purchase Means for the Future

November 15, 2016


Technology sites have made the rounds in mentioning Microsoft’s new wind energy plan, and its effect on the environment.

The long and short of it is this: Microsoft has signed an agreement with two wind farms to purchase up to 237 megawatts of wind energy. These purchases will power tech giant’s datacenter in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In doing so, Microsoft continues its commitment to utilizing more clean energy for their efforts.

The whole thing is fascinating, really.  Though at one time seen as a secondary (or tertiary) goal, sustainability has come to the forefront for companies large and small. This wind energy plan is just the latest example in how companies large and small working to minimize their negative environmental impact.


With that said, the wind farms themselves have come a long way in terms of efficiency of output. Providing enough energy to power a datacenter is no small feat, and speaks volumes of future applications of the technology. 


Time will tell how the emergence of clean energy would influence electrical design, testing, or even measurement equipment development.


Read more about Microsoft’s clean energy plan here.

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