Rohde & Schwarz Test Drives Verizon’s 5G Spec

September 20, 2016


Telecommunication giant Verizon recently revealed it’s radio specification for 5G last summer, and there’s already been a buzz surrounding its release.


While we wait for an “official” standard of what 5G means to networks and the consumers that will eventually use them, Verizon has tipped its hand as to its next generation visual. The spec reveals the characteristics and traits of a 5G signal and shares a lineage from the LTE standards already in place.


Test and measurement equipment manufacturer Rohde& Schwarz has since demonstrated the generational 5G signal analysis successfully, FierceWireless reports.


“Considering that hundreds of companies are involved in the standards process and that many of them are vying to get their own version of technology into the standards, it’s easy to see how one entity might have a tough go of it. But Verizon is determined to do what it can to influence the ultimate outcome.”



Read the full article here.


Electro Rent is a proud supplier of Rohde & Schwarz products in the largest test and measurement inventories in the world.

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