Planet Earth: Ready For Its Close Up

October 14, 2016

Japanese corporation Axelspace has plans to build an API that pulls from data captured in space. Crazy as that is, here comes the kicker: In association with the Sky Canvas Project,  we just may see the first  satellite used entertainment purposes, The Next Web Reports.

“After having changed the way we think about satellites, AxelSpace has already made its impact in space tech — but now it’s on its way to make the valuable data they capture in space available to anyone. In the next six years, it’s building AxelGlobe — a constellation of 50 satellites equipped with imaging sensors that are able to collectively monitor every place on the world.”


As of now the API (or Application Programming Interface ) is open for everyone to tap into for a flat licensing fee.  The data used could potentially have dozens of applications including tracking weather or agricultural patterns.

It’s the thing science fiction movies are made of, but time will tell what this means for future innovations. Read the full article HERE.


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