How to Keep Your Spectrum Analyzer Operating At Peak Performance

March 12, 2017


A spectrum analyzer is a device that allows for the measurement of an input signal’s magnitude vs. frequency, within the full range of frequency of that instrument.

It is used primarily for the measurement of a spectrum’s known and unknown signal and its strength. The input that is measured by the device is electrical but isn’t the only thing that is handled here. On the contrary, the use of a good transducer can help to measure other forms of inputs like spectral or optical.

As useful as it might be in a laboratory, there is a need to ensure that the device is running efficiently and without any serious issues.
Here are some of the ways in which a spectral analyzer can be ensured to work at optimum capacity without any issues:

Routine Maintenance

1. Dusting
The first thing that should come to mind is the routine maintenance that is necessary for almost all electronic devices.
This includes a wide array of things like ensuring that the device is free from dust and other unwanted substances.
Some amount of routine clean up to ensure that there isn’t any deposit of dust and dirt can be a good start.

2. Protection from Water
The second most important thing when it comes to routine maintenance is preventing water damage.
Water can cause a great deal of damage to any electronic device that it doesn’t come into contact with. With the exception of waterproofed devices, most of the spectrum analyzers don’t have resistance to water damage.
Therefore, it is imperative that they are kept as far away from water sources as possible.

3. Protecting From Impact Damage
Impact damage can be anything that causes damage through physical impact.
The exact kind if impact can range from dropping something on the device to dropping the device itself. Impact damage can cause a great deal of damage to internal components, which in turn can prevent the device from working properly or perhaps permanently stop working.

Care should be taken to ensure that nothing is dropped on the device. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any similar issues regarding the device itself, where it gets dropped while it is being moved, used, etc.

Performance Testing

The second most important thing to consider is performance testing.
When one uses a spectrum analyzer, it is important that they get the right values at all times. The accuracy of the data can affect the result of the study, which warrants for precision at all times.
Due to this specific reason, it is important that one does performance testing at routine intervals, so as to ensure that the device is working the way it should. The way this is done is by measuring a known value with the analyzer and checking to see if the results are accurate. The presence of inaccurate results after doing this will indicate that there is something wrong with the device and the need for repair work.


Updating the Software

A lot of analyzers tend to come with pre-installed software that helps in the computation of values and the overall functioning of the device.
Manufacturers release updates for these types of software from time to time, which must be routinely looked into. This is to ensure that if there are any issues with the device’s existing software, it can be upgraded immediately.


 Managing Repairs

It is in the nature of things to break down as time passes by.
This applies and holds true for a spectrum analyzer as it would for any other device.
As and when the time arrives to have the device fixed, it is important to ensure that is done by someone who is an expert in the field and knows what he is doing.
Failing to follow this guideline can cause the device to end up being damaged further, due to the repairs being handled by someone who isn’t qualified to handle the job.


Routine Company Inspection

There are a lot of companies that provide routine checkup services for their products, at least for the first few years after purchase. Electro Rent performs this task with every piece of equipment we own, periodically.
This will help in ensuring that one is able to save up on inspection costs since the device’s warranty will have it covered in the beginning.
As a whole, it is important that one pays proper attention in ensuring that the spectrum analyzer is running at peak capacity and without issues.
This will ensure that the device lasts longer and without issues, ultimately resulting in savings for both untoward incidents as well as replacement costs.


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