How to Ensure Safety in Electrical Substations

March 16, 2017

Substations perform the role of transforming the voltage from high to low or vice versa. In addition to this, they also act as a stabilizing mediator to ensure a smooth flow of energy at all times.
As with anything else that has to do with electricity, there are certainly risks involved for those who work at these substations.

 Therefore, it is necessary to have proper attention is paid to ensuring that safety guidelines are followed at all times. Below are some of the most important of all safety guidelines that should be adhered to:

1.) Wear Insulated Gear at All Times
It is important to ensure that one doesn’t come into contact with any of the infrastructure without having adequate protection.
While it might seem safe enough to go near some of the existing infrastructures, it is always better to be cautious. This is because even though some parts of the infrastructure don’t have any direct contact with electricity, some parts may just have a defect or breakdown that can get them energized.

2.) Maintain Proper Distance
The best way to prevent any accidents is to simply maintain proper distance and clearance from the existing electricity infrastructure.
If physical contact is not necessary with any of the existing infrastructure that is in place at the substation, one must simply avoid it altogether. All contact with the existing infrastructure should be limited only to that which is necessary while ensuring that proper insulation and gear are worn at all times.

3.) Pay Attention to Warning Signs
While it is common knowledge that one must be careful while at a substation in terms of safety and security, it is often not clear about the exact places where it could be dangerous. This makes it very difficult to ensure safety and security. Due to this, it is always necessary to pay attention to warning signs wherever they might exist. On part of the substation, it is necessary to ensure that there are signage and warnings across the places where there might be potential hazards.

4.) Ground Clearance
All infrastructures must be built a few feet above the ground.
As a rule, there should be no infrastructure left coming in contact with the ground. This ensures that if there are any faults with the system, all possibilities of electrocution or anything else can be altogether prevented. Doing so will act as a preventive measure since the flow of electricity can be prevented from energizing places that it wasn’t intended to, thereby preventing accidents.

5.) Maintaining Adequate Passage Width
All infrastructures that are at the substation should be made accessible with a wide enough passageway. This will ensure that accessing them will not be difficult, especially at a time when there is a need to have them repaired or examined for routine inspection and maintenance. As a rule of thumb, the passageway must be wide enough to accommodate two or more people, so that there is sufficient space for more than one person to freely move about.

6.) Carrying Out Routine Maintenance
Things break. It’s just the nature of everything that has ever been designed by humans. Nothing lasts forever and that applies equally well to the infrastructure of these substations. That's why it's necessary that routine maintenance is carried out at scheduled times so that any issues that might crop up along the way can be spotted before anyone gets hurt.

7.) Maintain a Good Evacuation Plan
As with any other place of work, there should be adequate evacuation plans made in the case of any emergency. This is to ensure that even if something untoward happens, there won’t be any untoward incidents that could potentially harm someone. There are certainly plenty more safety issues that need to be addressed while ensuring that safety at power substations are maintained. However, these are by far the most important of all the measures that are frequently considered when ensuring that workers at these substations have a safe working environment.


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