"5G" is Here in Austin and Indy! (Sort of.)

February 6, 2017


If you’ve been following the 360 Resources Center, you would notice that we’re a bit obsessed with 5G cellular service.


I mean, what’s not to like? There was the intrigue of developing a standard, and the plausibility of rolling out coverage. There were so many players and so many variables. The stakes couldn’t be higher.


Now, some news coming out AT&T. The telecom giant has made claims that it is going to start rolling out its 5G network, (aka 5G Evolution) to the cities of Austin, TX, and Indianapolis, IN.


Or is it?


A quick look at the specs shows that top speeds are expected to hit about 400Mbps. Impressive, but far below what’s considered the 5G standard of 1Gbps. Still, this still shows promise for the future of cellular, especially combined with AT&T’s “AirGig” effort.


Read more about AT&T’s 5G Evolution here.

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