3 Myths of Purchasing Used Equipment, BUSTED!

January 26, 2017


While Electro Rent may be known for, well, renting top level test and measurement equipment, we’r also have used equipment available for purchase. We call it X-Inventory. Why? Well, since we are the sole owner of all of the equipment from our inventory, you can rest assured that our used offerings for purchase are top quality. That said, we’re aware that there are some rumors and myths that apply to anyone purchasing X-Inventory.  Let’s set the record straight.

MYTH #1: Used Equipment is almost always available in limited numbers

The fact of the matter is Electro Rent has the largest inventory of test and measurement equipment in the world. Which, in turn, means we have the largest used equipment inventory in the world. That means more choices, more configurations, and most importantly, more ways to help you to get your project done.

MYTH #2: Buying new is ALWAYS better than buying used.

Not necessarily. While there are some advantages to purchasing brand new equipment, that doesn’t mean that used equipment is automatically inferior. In fact, in many instances purchasing used can actually be more beneficial to your needs than new. Learn how by reading up on our X-Inventory capabilities brochure.

MYTH #3: “You can’t guarantee the quality of used equipment.”

Actually, quite the contrary. Every piece of test and measurement equipment that we own is subject to a quality check and our used equipment offerings are no exception. Every piece of Electro Rent’s X-Inventory receives a full functional test, a 24-hour burn in test, and updated commercial calibration for starters. Check out this video for more information.

Perhaps purchasing used equipment might be beneficial to you. Contact one of our test experts today!



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