Professional Grade: Electro Rent and Industrial Make A Winning Team

August 29, 2016

   Test and measurement equipment has been Electro Rent’s bread and butter for seemingly forever. While innovations have cropped up in almost every industry and segment, it’s the robust changes in the industrial space that have been the most interesting to watch. How does the market leader in test and measurement procurement adapt to the constant changes? The answer may not be so surprising after all.
   Though Electro Rent has the largest inventory available for its clients, it’s actually the human touch that sets the company apart. Clients should take solace in knowing that Electro Rent first works with them to determine industrial testing challenges, then works to develop tailored solutions. These solutions are reinforced by the high rate of availability of its equipment, having a standardized billing process, and ensuring all industrial equipment is delivered to clients with up to date and calibrated equipment with applicable software and firmware updates.
   However, this is not to dismiss the importance of acquisition options an industrial client may have. For some, renting equipment may be more beneficial for a project while purchasing their equipment outright may benefit other clients. Not only does Electro Rent help to determine which option is best in every scenario, but does so as efficiently as possible. It’s just another way how we keep industrial customers in mind.

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