Giving You Alternatives (In More Ways Than One)!

June 22, 2016

Electro Rent has come a long way from its humble beginnings over 50 years ago. Though test and measurement is our game, we are really more about giving our customers multiple ways to get their hands on that equipment. Not only do we rent equipment (so much so that it’s in our name) we also sell and lease equipment too! 

With all of these options already, you may not have thought about the condition of the equipment itself. You see, Electro Rent has a massive inventory of both new AND used equipment in stock. In other words, no matter your budget, there's a test and measurement solution that meets your needs. 

Which is better for your project, however? The answer isn’t necessarily cut and dry. Contact us if you have a specific project and budget in mind but generally speaking, whether to go with new equipment or used equipment is entirely up to you!

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